Lovey Teethers

  • $35.00

Lovey Teethers is a collab with mompreneur business Momo & Bubs who makes the softest organics muslins. Combining our product expertise is a set of 2 organic Mini Muslin Squares with 1 Teething Ring made of wood and silicone parts. 

The multiple textures in one product gives bub a sensory and comforting experience. The Teething Ring soothes gums with it's wood ring and silicone bead loop. The Mini Muslin Squares is perfect to mop up drool! 

Simply loop the Mini Muslin Square around the wood ring to combine both product, or use them separately as desired. 

Teething Ring:

  • Beech Wood Ring, interlocked with food grade and BPA-free silicone beads

Mini Muslin Squares:

  • 6 ply organic muslin, 25cm x 25cm each. 
  • Each set comes with 2 Mini Muslin Squares (one white and one seafoam grey)
  • Ethically and sustainably made in Fair Trade and GOTS certified factory that is 100% solar powered.
  • These multi-purpose cloths can also be used at bath time to wipe down little ones, at meal times for messy mouths, as burping cloths or even as face or hand towels for the whole family.